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Dj and Remixer, started to work as a professional DJ in Hammamet /Tunisia in a 4 stars hotel in 2003. Then his outstanding work got him promoters and club managers that brought him in the line of the big clubs. In 2005 he was a resident DJ of Nero Club Hammamet till the mid of 2006. Then he decided to move to the next level which is to stop to work as resident DJ and to work with big event organizers .It was and still a big success He was playing in the biggest clubs in Tunisia ( Hammamet/Tunis…) 

2- Europe experience 

Moved to Bratislava Slovakia in 2008 and history repeats itself as he restarted his career here , Now in 2016 Dj Maghi is head lining big events in the most prestigious Venus in Bratislava and Vienna   In clubs like (The Club / Primi / 1001 Nights/ Rio / Ride Club Vienna / U4 Club Vienna ..) 

Music Style: 

Main: Electronic Dance Music


New Jazz / Mainstream commercial / Ditch-hop/ RNB Hiphop /  Oldies /Funk Disco Rnb / Trap/ Reggeatone/ Moombahton / Latino / Chill out / Lounge style 

Club Experience: 

Clubs Europe 

The Club Bratislva  ( Main Residence ) 

Channels Club Bratislava 

Luna Club Nitra

Ride Club (AT)

U4 Club (AT)

Ferre Club (PL) 

John Doe ( NL Amsterdam )

Paard Vaan Troje ( NL The Haage )

1001 Nights (SK)

Primi (SK)

Rio (SK)



Cap FM (Tunisia)

BPM FM (France)  


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Upcoming Events May 2K17 : 04/05/2017 Channels 05/05/2017 Primi 06/05/2017 The...